Upcoming events related with PITAGORAS project

Events related to PITAGORAS



ISES Solar World Congress (SWC) + International Conference on Solar Heating and Cooling for Buildings and Industry (SHC) 2017

Abu Dhabi (UAE)

29 Oct – 2 Nov 2017

International Conference on Energy and Material Efficiency and CO2 Reduction in the Steel Industry (EMECR)

Kobe (Japan)

11-13 October 2017

12th SDEWES Conference Special Session

Dubrovnik (Croatia)

4-8 October 2017

4th International Seminar on ORC Power Systems

Milan (Italy)

13-15 September 2017

3rd International Conference on Smart Energy Systems & 4th Generation District Heating

Copenhagen (Denmark)

12-13 September 2017

4th International Engine ORC Consortium (EORCC) Workshop

Detroit (USA)

September 2017

3rd European Steel Technology and Application Days (ESTAD 2017)

Vienna (Austria)

26-29 June 2017

EUSEW European Sustainable Energy Week

Brussels (Belgium)

19-25 June 2017

5th UNI-SET Energy Clustering Event

KU Leuven (Belgium)

2 June 2017

26TH International Conference on Metallurgy and Materials – METAL 2017

Brno (Czech Republic)

24-26 May 2017

EHP Congress 2017

Glasgow (UK)

15-16 May 2017

Smart Cities Central and Eastern European Conference

Budapest (Hungary)

5 April 2017

IEA SHC Task 55 – 2nd meeting

Aalborg (Denmark)

14-16 March 2017

Heat Roadmap Europe 4 Workshop and Peta4 launch event

Brussels (Belgium)

7 March 2017

DHC Days 2017: Local to Global approaches for Innovative District Energy Solutions

Lyon (France)

21-22 February 2017

Smart Cities 2017

London (UK)

1-2 February 2017

Energy Efficiency Finance Market Place

Brussels (Belgium)

18-19 January 2017

EIP-SCC Action Cluster Meetings

Brussels (Belgium)

22 November 2016

2016 Smart City Expo World Congress 2016

Barcelona (Spain)

November 2016