PITAGORAS Public deliverables

General information on the Project and the waste heat recovery pilot plant built in the Steel mill of ORI MARTIN is provided in the several links shown below in this section. For further technical information the following documentation is available. In the list below you can find the public deliverables developed within the PITAGORAS Project:


D2.16. Publishable report of the two demonstration plants

D4.3. Development of the Pitagoras Monitoring platform

D4.4. Definition of Key Performance Indicators of the developed Pitagoras Concept 

D4.8. Publishable report on the performance assessment of the demonstration plant

D5.1. Techno-economic and environmental assessment

D5.2. Market analysis and business models: market potential

D5.3. Market analysis and business models: sensitivity analysis of market potential

D5.5. Market analysis and business models: analysis of financing policies

D5.6. Financial models that best suit for the developed system demonstrated in Brescia pilot plant

D5.8. Nontechnological barriers to be considered when planning the implementation of a large scale solar thermal plant

D5.9. Energy Service Company Portfolio and know-how related to solar thermal plants and manual for ESCOs Tool

D6.4. Guidelines for the design of district heating networks with the new Pitagoras concepts

D6.7. Quality assessment of six different collector types at the in-situ test field in Graz