Publishable report of the two demonstration plants

This report builds on results achieved in the European funded PITAGORAS project in its WP2 “System concept assessment and final design” and comprises the main outputs regarding the design phase of two real scale pilot plants.


One of the pilot plants is located in the city of Brescia (north of Italy) and consists on a waste heat recovery solution to be implemented in the steel mill of ORI MARTIN. The plant will deliver heat to the city district heating (DH) network and will produce electricity based on ORC technology.

The city of Kremsmünster (upper Austria) is the location of the second pilot plant that has been designed within the PITAGORAS project. A large scale solar thermal plant is planned for solar heat supply to an oil and gas industry and additionally to the city DH network. The system concept comprises the idea of rebuilding an empty oil tank at the production facilities of the industrial site in such a way that it could be used as seasonal thermal energy storage (STES) system.