Commissioning of the Pitagoras demo plant in Ori Martin steel facility in Brescia (Italy)

In January 2016 the Pitágoras demo plant was commissioned at the Ori Martin Steel facility en Brescia, Italy. Waste heat from the fumes of the Electric Arc Furnace is used to produce steam that can be used for suppling heat to the local DH (winter season) or to produce electricity (summer season).

The plant started in February supplying heat to the local Brescia district heating network. Since 15th April, the demo plant switched to produce electricity for the own plant by means of an ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) equipment. Heat contained in 100% of the fumes generated in the Electric Arc Furnace (at a temperature higher than 1,000 C), are used to produce water vapor in the Waste Heat Recovery Unit. For specific details and photographs of the installation, please see the publishable report in the Documents section. A video of the whole installation in operation will be prepared soon.