PITAGORAS workshop “Industrial Waste Heat Recovery”, May 16, Bilbao

PITAGORAS will be presented at this workshop as a successful example of industrial waste heat recovery system implementation, allowing sustainable energy production as well as greenhouse gas emission reduction.

Waste heat recovery systems are able to absorb significant amount of thermal energy from many industrial processes (e.g. from exhaust gases, etc.), leading to important savings in energy consumption as well as reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Several innovative developments on these technologies will be covered at a workshop organized by Tecnalia, which will take place in Bilbao on May 16 within the Global Innovation Day 2017, hosted by Innobasque (the Basque agency for innovation).

In this context, the waste heat recovery system installed in ORI MARTIN steel mill (Brescia, Italy), will be presented as a successful example of implementation of this technology, allowing sustainable heat and electricity production.

Admission to the workshop is free, but registration is required. Please sign up here.

Full workshop program is available here.