Upcoming PITAGORAS workshop in Poland

A local workshop on industrial waste heat recovery is organized by CIM-MES next May 24 in Krakow in the frame of the PITAGORAS project

The event will take place at the Technical University of Krakow, under the name of “Waste Heat Recovery in the energy intensive industry with integrated ORC: technology and economics”. It is intended for middle range management of energy intensive industries, such as metal, cement and glass production, as well as gas pipeline operators.

The workshop is organized by CIM-MES (partner of the PITAGORAS project) and hosted by the Dean of the Mechanical department of Krakow Technical University. The technological part will be leaded by CIM-MES, including the participation of the Warsaw Technical University on ORC and heat exchange systems. On the other hand, the economic and financial challenges will be discussed, including presentations from NCP on European funds for Energy Efficiency in industry, and the National Fund for Environmental protection and Water Management.

Full program available here.