FUNDACIÓN TECNALIA RESEARCH & INNOVATION (TECNALIA) is a research organisation resulting from the merger of eight research organisations: Fundación Cidemco, Fundación ESI-European Software Institute, Fundación European Virtual Engineering, Fundación Fatronik, Fundación Inasmet, Fundación Labein, Fundación Leia and Fundación Robotiker. TECNALIA is the leading private research and technology entity in Spain and the fifth largest in Europe. TECNALIA employs 1,437 people (164 PhDs) and its turnover is 121Me, it filed 53 patents, had 3800 clients and created 8 spin-offs in year 2009. TECNALIA is very active in participating the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) having already 150 funded projects, 31 of them coordinated. Innovation Systems, Sustainable Development (Energy, Construction and Environment), Industry and Transport (Casting and iron & steel, Transport and Industrial Systems), ICT (Software, Telecom, Infotech and Information Society) and Health and Life Quality (Health and Life Quality) are the fields in which TECNALIA operates.

The part of TECNALIA’s Sustainable Development Division located in Azpeitia (former Fundación Cidemco) is specialized in meeting the technological demands of Construction and Building Industries. It has established different lines of research covering new materials, energy efficiency in building, thermal systems, biotechnologies and information and communication technologies (ICTs). Its multidisciplinary staff covers designers, architects or chemists to telecommunication, computation and energy engineers. It is accredited by ENAC (National Entity of Accreditation) to carry out tests on windows, acoustics, fire resistance and fire reaction, thermal transmittance, glazing properties, curtain walls, shading devices, etc.