The Environmental Department is one part of the public administration of the city of Graz which is situated in Styria in the south-east of Austria. In the Environmental Department 30 people are working on different topics such as energy and climate, air, noise, waste and operating environmental precautions. The environmental office is concerned with strategic planning and the local energy concept (KEK Graz 2020 – one focal point is the Expansion of district heating and solar energy) for a sustainable town development in Graz. Shaping opinions, furnishing opinions and accomplishing projects are main parts of the work of the department.

INGETEK SISTEMAS, S.A. was founded in Bilbao in 1996. He is specialised on the design and installation of control, regulation and monitoring systems for electro-mechanical installations. INGETEK offices are distributed in 4 different locations in Spain: Bilbao, Barcelona, Madrid and Tenerife.

Aermec is one of the major Italian air conditioning manufacturer of air conditioning equipments, with more than 50 years experience. The 2010 turnover was 156 million Euro with 560 employees. The sales breakdown highlights a clear focus on chillers and heat pumps with a share of 52% of the total turnover, high efficiency fancoil units and heat recovery represent a share of 32%.

Solites is a non-profit Research Institute for Solar and Sustainable Thermal Energy Systems within the Steinbeis Foundation. Solites was founded in May 2005 by former members of the Institute for Thermodynamics and Thermal Engineering of the University of Stuttgart. 

FUNDACIÓN TECNALIA RESEARCH & INNOVATION (TECNALIA) is a research organisation resulting from the merger of eight research organisations: Fundación Cidemco, Fundación ESI-European Software Institute, Fundación European Virtual Engineering, Fundación Fatronik, Fundación Inasmet, Fundación Labein, Fundación Leia and Fundación Robotiker. TECNALIA is the leading private research and technology entity in Spain and the fifth largest in Europe. TECNALIA employs 1,437 people (164 PhDs) and its turnover is 121Me, it filed 53 patents, had 3800 clients and created 8 spin-offs in year 2009. TECNALIA is very active in participating the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) having already 150 funded projects, 31 of them coordinated. Innovation Systems, Sustainable Development (Energy, Construction and Environment), Industry and Transport (Casting and iron & steel, Transport and Industrial Systems), ICT (Software, Telecom, Infotech and Information Society) and Health and Life Quality (Health and Life Quality) are the fields in which TECNALIA operates.

Founded in 1999, AIGUASOL provides engineering, consultancy and research services, promoting innovative solutions to reduce the impact associated with energy consumption. Operating as a cooperative, with a horizontal work structure and participatory management, AIGUASOL pursues organizational transformation and focuses on social responsibility, innovation, training and quality. AIGUASOL’S independence and the highest scientific rigor grant it a recognized position of neutrality and objectivity within the sectors of construction and renewable energies.

BIOS is an internationally recognised team of researchers and consultants mainly dealing with the development, design, demonstration, realisation and optimisation of plants to generate heat, cold and power mainly from renewable sources like biomass. Further fields of activities are processes for biomass treatment (pelletizing, torrefication) as well as industrial waste heat recovery using different technologies like heat pumps, ORC and chillers. Moreover the design and optimisation of district heating and district cooling networks from micro grids to large urban systems are a special topic of BIOS.

CIM-MES Projekt, located in Warsaw, Poland, is a supplier of solutions for industrial controls and machine visions applications. With its staff of highly experienced engineers and physicists the company develop and integrate customised solutions for a wide range of clients. Since 4 years it delivers solutions for architectural and urbanites market – public buildings, old and historical buildings retrofitting. 

ForSTEEL, s.r.o. was established at the end of 2004 by scientific workers, specialists and project managers in the area of applied metallurgical research. This area is the core subject of the company’s business, which comprises especially metal forming, material engineering, targeted promotion of steel products, and of late also the strongly forward-looking area of using waste heat from metallurgical processes. 

S.O.L.I.D. is an Austrian solar thermal engineering company specialising in all aspects of large-scale solar thermal energy plants. Since 1992, S.O.L.I.D. has been planning, building, delivering, assembling and operating large-scale solar plants (50 m² – 5.000m²) around the world, providing hot water, room heating, industrial process heat, district heating and cooling. SOLID currently builds some of the largest commercial solar cooling projects in the world. With its unmatched experience in design and operation of large-scale solar plants, S.O.L.I.D. is both a pioneer and one of the world’s leading companies in the solar thermal industry. S.O.L.I.D. also offers finance solutions, ESCo services, for large solar thermal plants mainly for solar district heating and solar cooling.

Solar Nahwaerme Energiecontracting GmbH is an energy service provider, who builds, invests and operates large scale solar thermal plants.

ACCIONA Infraestructuras is a leading European construction company constructing and managing buildings and civil infrastructures under the sustainability principles. It has an international presence in more than 30 countries and its total turnover in 2010 was about 3.1 billion €, employing 15.800 people. It is part of ACCIONA Group, whose business lines are Construction, Real State, Urban-Environmental Services, Energy, Logistic and Transport. ACCIONA’s business strategy is tightly linked to sustainability and in recognition of the company’s efforts and commitments in that direction, received in 2009 the Award for Corporate Sustainability of the EU Business Award.

ORI MARTIN is a modern and dynamic steel mill, based on over 80 years of deep-rooted and solid tradition and experience, and today is still committed to the production of special engineering steels to supply to the automotive and mechanical industry.