Aermec is one of the major Italian air conditioning manufacturer of air conditioning equipments, with more than 50 years experience. The 2010 turnover was 156 million Euro with 560 employees. The sales breakdown highlights a clear focus on chillers and heat pumps with a share of 52% of the total turnover, high efficiency fancoil units and heat recovery represent a share of 32%.

Aermec has more than 10% of the central plant air conditioning market.

Aermec has always invested to enhance the technical skills of his engineers thanks also to an intense cooperation with the energetic department of the Padua University.  

In 2005 Aermec entered in the Airlan S.A. Capital, a Spanish company that has always placed as first priority the innovation of products through an intense co-operation between the Airlan and the Aermec R&D departments. The technical Aermec / Airlan team has an intense activity of co-operation sharing all development experiences and defining the future strategy of the R&D operations.