CIM-mes projekt

CIM-MES Projekt, located in Warsaw, Poland, is a supplier of solutions for industrial controls and machine visions applications. With its staff of highly experienced engineers and physicists the company develop and integrate customised solutions for a wide range of clients. Since 4 years it delivers solutions for architectural and urbanites market – public buildings, old and historical buildings retrofitting. 

The research is mainly focused onto new materials development including shape memory and matrix sensor for control systems development and necessary data processing. Originally operating in the Polish market, the company has pursued an extensive promotion which allowed CIM-MES to break into new markets and to open branches and subsidiaries by means of strategic partnerships and multipliers. The company has an extensive cooperation with major Polish RTD Centers and has a wide networking with major European R&D organizations. CIM-MES Projekt  is small private HT SME (RTD) company with 20 years of presence on the market, 15 high qualified staff and 750 k€ of turnover.