ForSTEEL, s.r.o. was established at the end of 2004 by scientific workers, specialists and project managers in the area of applied metallurgical research. This area is the core subject of the company’s business, which comprises especially metal forming, material engineering, targeted promotion of steel products, and of late also the strongly forward-looking area of using waste heat from metallurgical processes. 

ForSTEEL has its offices within the Scientific and Technological Park in Ostrava, which enables it to co-operate closely with innovation firms of a similar orientation. In recent years, the company has been concerned with the use of waste heat and the heat pipe technology (HPT) in metallurgy. The use of waste heat from burnt gas is currently one of the most widely discussed subjects in the energy management of foundries. The problem covers not only the economic issue of wasteful burning of natural gas in consequence of the uneconomical use of the heat obtained from burning, but also the environmental consequences caused by the high volume of emissions.