Solar Nahwaerme Energiecontracting GmbH

Solar Nahwaerme Energiecontracting GmbH is an energy service provider, who builds, invests and operates large scale solar thermal plants.

In cooperation with several national partners, Solar Nahwaerme operates 5 locations for solar thermal energy generation in Austria (Graz). Solar Nahwaerme is specialized on solar thermal applications, which serve the consumer domestic hot water and heat and additionally feed in the district heat network of Graz.

Solar Nahwaerme offers the partner and consumer the chance to get individually involved in the individual solar thermal installation and offer trainings for the operation of large scale solar thermal plants.  In solar Nahwaerme solar plants, the energy delivered to the customer is automatically measured by means of a tele-monitoring system, which delivers daily actual operation data of the installation. The customer is charged for the delivered energy automatically for a defined period of energy metering. Several other business models for solar energy serving are available due to the preferences of the customer.